Responsible Shopping in Helsinki — Kämp Garden Presents the Pinnacles of Finnish Fashion

Kämp Garden presents the most important names and emerging talent of Finnish fashion on the 2nd floor of the shopping mall. With an emphasis on accountability and community, Kämp Garden combines shops, events, workshops and showrooms. In Kämp Garden, you will find the following shops: Arela, éN Hats, Hálo, Nomen Nescio, R-Collection, R/H Studio, Samuji and Terhi Pölkki.

In addition to Finnish design, the 2nd floor Kämp Garden also offers the premium dining establishments Haiku and Kuuma, as well as the concept-bookstore TRE ♥ Nide and an expert in natural cosmetics, the beauty shop Jolie. There are also interesting pop-up stores and temporary exhibitions. Enjoy sustainable brands and quality design; shopping in Helsinki’s Kämp Garden is not only inspiring, but also responsible!

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Juni Communication & Production
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