Finnish fashion hub coming to Kämp Galleria

In November 2018, shopping centre Kämp Galleria’s second floor will be home to a completely new concept, Garden. The space will include shops, showrooms and studios as well as restaurants. Garden is set to be the world’s most important hub for Finnish fashion.

– Fashion has become a buzzing industry in Finland. Garden brings the most interesting names in the business together, and also closer to shoppers and tourists. It is a great opportunity for new designers to showcase their talent to a wider audience, says Miia Koski of Juni Communication & Production, who is in charge of curating the new concept.

Garden will host 10 retail spaces, three restaurants, studios and showrooms. There will also be a small fashion gallery and plenty of space for events. The large skylight dome, greenery wall and adjoining Kämp Hotel rooftop terrace will give the place a lush, luxorious feel.

Garden brings new life to the city centre

Creative industries tend to flourish in old industrial areas at the edges of town, but Garden wants to bring the new names of Finnish design right into the city centre. Kämp Galleria’s three millions annual visitors and its central location will definitely give the Finnish fashion industry a boost in visibility and accessibility.

– By investing in Garden and transforming Kämp Galleria’s second floor into something completely new, Ilmarinen is providing Finnish designers a fantastic opportunity to thrive. Of course we hope that these new brands will spread out and lease more retail space as they grow. Garden will bring new life to the city centre and help make Helsinki an internationally recocgnized fashion and design city, says Letting Manager Ville Laurila of Ilmarinen.

Kämp Galleria is a luxury-oriented shopping centre in the heart of Helsinki, owned by Ilmarinen. Futudesign is responsible for the architectual design of Garden and Juni Communications for curating the concept. Juni specializes in export projects in the fields of fashion, architecture and design. Garden will be actively collaborating with fashion/design businesses and institutions, such as Fashion in Helsinki and Aalto University.