Arela is a Finnish design brand, particularly known for our high-quality cashmere and merino knitwear, bold use of colors and circulation-economy services. We serve our customers on the 2nd floor of Kämp Galleria, specifically in Kämp Garden.

Arela’s pioneering as a responsible and sustainable clothing brand has been easy to notice since our inception in 2007. The Arela For Good concept assumes responsibility for the full life cycle of the product, providing our customers with knitwear maintenance and return services, as well as the opportunity to choose from our own second-hand-product rack. Timeless and minimalist design has also garnered international recognition. Arela’s products are suitable for everyone regardless of age or gender. In addition to the fabulous knitwear, we also offer cotton and linen classics for various wardrobes, such as t-shirts and dresses.


Floor 2, Garden

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