The story of RIMOWA suitcases started 120 years ago. In 1937, the company started making its first aluminium suitcases. Back then, the durable and lightweight material was already a key factor of the company’s operations, in addition to an attractive and eye-catching design. In the 1950s, inspired by the era’s aeroplanes and aviation, the iconic grooves were added to the aluminium suitcases. The same distinctive grooves are also a feature of the world’s first ultra-lightweight polycarbonate suitcases that were launched later on.

In RIMOWA suitcases craftsmanship meets high-tech: the suitcases boast over 120 technical patents, the merits of which become clear to the owner of the suitcase during use. All RIMOWA suitcases are still manufactured in Europe. In fact, the aluminium suitcases are manufactured in Köln, the place where it all started.

The new owner, luxury goods group LVMH, has steered the RIMOWA brand more strongly in the direction of its other high-end fashion brands, which include Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Celine and Givenchy. So, RIMOWA is more than a suitcase, it is a functional luxury product that will become your lasting companion.

RIMOWA HELSINKI is located right next to Kämp Galleria’s Pohjoisesplanadi entrance. It is the only place in Finland that sells all the aluminium and polycarbonate collections in the RIMOWA range.

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