Man Yaun & Jussi Niskasen taidenäyttely 10.–31.1.

Jussi Niskanen & Man Yau: Shiga-Love and Magic Carpets -näyttely avautuu Kämp Gallerian 2. kerroksessa, Garden Roomissa torstaina 10.1. klo 18–20. Näyttely koostuu Yaun keramiikkatöistä ja Niskasen öljymaalauksista. Tervetuloa!

Näyttely on avoinna 11.–31.1.2019 seuraavasti:

Ma suljettu
Ti, ke, pe 11–17
To 11–18
La-su 12–16

In the exhibition Shiga-Love and Magic Carpets will be shown a collection of works by Jussi Niskanen and Man Yau. It is a collection of ceramic sculptures and oil paintings which are connected in the portrayal of time through the usage of different layers which both hide something underneath them and on the other hand expose new perspectives.

At Kämp Garden Yau exhibits ceramic sculptures “Shiga-Love” series created at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan. She was selected as a resident artist by the SCCP in cooperation with Finnish Institute in Japan. The sculptures remain like illustrated layers which have been cut out of the canvas and hanged on the wall. Niskanen will exhibit a series of paintings which he envisions as magic carpets of sort. They are meant to be devices for the viewer to lay their eyes upon with the hope of getting to travel through the skies with unimaginable speed to faraway places.

Niskanen and Yau are both artists living and working in Helsinki. Niskanen has graduated from Academy of Fine Arts as a painter, and Yau graduated with a Masters’s degree from the Aalto University of Art and Design in 2018 specialising in ceramics and glass design. Niskanen’s oil paintings put emphasis on the core of the painting as an act itself in a formalistic sense, when Yau’s works thread a balance between traditional methods and craftsmanship and industrial, detailed form and quality.