For Kämp Galleria the year 2022 was an excellent year of growth both in sales and the number of visitors

The year 2022 was a great year for Kämp Galleria. High-quality fashion and design, excellent restaurants and a unique possibility to enjoy photographical art creates a unique shopping experience that invites people to visit Kämp Galleria.

The number of Kämp Galleria visitors in 2022 grew a whopping 45 percent compared to 2021. The increased number of visitors also correlated with the sales development. The sales in 2022 grew by 31 percent compared to the sales in 2021.

”The great development of the year 2022 culminated in the Christmas season, which exceeded all expectations. In December 2022 our number of visitors and sales even exceeded pre-pandemic results. Comparing to December 2019, we were able to exceed the number of visitors by six percent and sales by eight percent. It’s nice to see how our quality products and a unique offering draw people to visit the shopping center – the Helsinki city center still attracts visitors. Our lease rate at the moment is excellent, 96 percent. We continuously develop Kämp Galleria and strongly believe in the bright future of the Helsinki city center”, says Kämp Galleria’s Shopping Center Manager, Tanja Pasanen.

Two unique flagship stores opened at Kämp Galleria

Kämp Galleria’s unique fashion offering was further strengthened by two new brands in 2022.

The long-waited ARKET opened their first physical store in Finland at Kämp Galleria in November 2022. In addition to offering fashion for women, men and kids, as well a high-quality house decor products, the ARKET’s flagship store also has a café that serves delicious vegetarian dishes, seasonal pastries and a wide range of special organic coffees.

Filippa K returned to Kämp Galleria in May 2022 with its new flagship store. The store was the globally the first store that was created with the brand’s new concept. The flagship store is a continuously developing, living gallery. In addition to offering a wide of range of fashion for men and women and accessories, the store also showcases carefully curated pieces of art and a selection of vintage furniture according to the brand’s values.

”It’s been great to welcome ARKET ja Filippa K to Kämp Galleria and to the Helsinki city center. Both brands and their one-of-a-kind, fabulous flagship stores complete our shopping center’s line of high-quality fashion stores”, Tanja Pasanen says.

Kämp Galleria thanks all of our customers, tenants and partners for the excellent year of 2022!