New K1 exhibitions 10.9.2021–2.1.2022

Susanna Majuri: Love

The retrospective exhibition of the work of Susanna Majuri (1978–2020), titled Love, gathers together photographs from her entire career: her most well-known pieces are shown side by side with less common early works.

Susanna Majuri spoke to us through her fictional creations, and she also showed who she was as a person, what she had felt and experienced, what pain she had carried and what her loving gaze had seen. Storytelling was a form of escape for her, as well as a method for comprehension. The wordless world was given form in Majuri’s photographs.

Photo: Susanna Majuri: Treasure, 2009

Cecilia Vicuña: Songs to the Waters

The exhibition centers on Vicuña’s documentary film Kon Kon (2010), which discusses the privatization of waterways, the destruction of natural resources as well as the breakdown of the human-nature relationship. Combining poetry and documentary, the film weaves around the Aconcagua river, which runs from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean near the city of Concón in Chile. Vicuña’s artistic work began by this river in the 1960s.

The other piece in the exhibition, Cantos del Agua (2015) is a documentation of a collective performance. Vicuña invited female sound artists to improvise a water song with her. The aim was that the song would reach both decision-makers and the waters.

The exhibition is curated by Elina Suoyrjö.

Cecilia Vicuña, Erased Spiral, 2009. Con cón, Chile. Photo by James O’Hern.

Instructions for safe shopping & museum visits

Kämp Galleria’s doors are open Mon-Fri 9–19, Sat 10–18 and Sun 12–18. Access to shops, museums, cafés and restaurants remains open, but in accordance with the recommendations, the use of seating spaces in public areas is restricted. There will be no events in the shopping centre for the time being.

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The Finnish Museum of Photography K1
K1’s exhibitions are still open to the public Mon–Fri 11–20, Sat–Sun 11–18. Please follow these safety guidelines:

  • We require everyone above 12 years old to use a face mask when visiting the K1 exhibition space located in Kämp Galleria.
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  • In order to ensure a less crowded time for you visit, please call us to inquire about visitor numbers. Our phone number is 040 163 3210.
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If you are experiencing symptoms of an illness or if someone in your household is ill, please postpone your visit. Thank you for helping to ensure a safe environment for all customers and those working in the shopping centre!

The Sketchbook Exhibition & Sketchbook Lunches

Exhibit at Garden Room (Kämp Galleria, 2nd floor)
Open Tue-Fri 11-18, Sat 12-16, Sun–Mon closed.

Piknik People Studio presents a celebration of making thoughts visible. The Sketchbook Garden presents visualisations of thinking that usually stay private, a tool that designers and artists have been always using. A sketchbook is a tool; friend; document; playground – it becomes what its’ owner needs it to be.

The exhibition showcases 10 designer’s sketchbooks that illustrate the thinking process and development of ideas. A sketchbook is a tool for the creation and construction of thought. It’s been said that the designer’s most important tool is the ability to think and a sketchbook facilitates this process. There are as many ways to use the sketchbook as there are people. In this exhibition, Piknik People Studio celebrates the craft of making a book your own and wants to inspire everyone to try out sketch booking. What’s in your head?

We invited 10 heavy users of sketchbooks to showcase their work: Joonas Luotonen, Mari Savio & Nelma Savio, Matti Pikkujämsä, Anna Kokki, Karri Laitinen, Paavo Halonen, Paula Susitaival, Saga Santala (and more)

In addition to the exhibition, Picnic People Studio is organizing Sketchbook Lunch workshops every Wednesday in February, together with Waffdaddy. The workshop is open at lunchtime from 11:00 to 13:00 for up to 10 people at a time. A brand new Picnic People Studio Project Sketchbook can be purchased on site! There’s no pre-registration for the workshop.

Also: Non-stop Sketchbook Picnic every Saturday from 12:00 to 16:00 in February – come and sketch with the designers of Picnic People Studio! No pre-registration.